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Everything's better with a pantomime horse.

My legs, they is smyooth.

And I'm falling asleep at my computer. At what point did I become the sort of person who has trouble staying up until midnight on a Saturday? I know that I'm not a morning person, so shouldn't I get the benefit of being a night owl? Not cool.

Something that is cool, however, is the Reduced Shakespeare Company and their production of All the Great Books (abridged). Went to see them at the Kenneth Edward Center (Ken Eddie, to his friends- Kennedy to people who take things seriously) this afternoon and had a great time. Very funny. This was followed by dinner at Copeland's, where we were each served enough food to feed a family of four for a week. As we are a family of four, we brought home leftovers that should last until well into September. You believe I'm exaggerating. Well, I am, obviously, but not as much as you might think. I ate less than a third of my entree- it is now more than six hours later, and I still could not even consider eating anything. You offer me a single M&M right now, I have to refuse. This is serious anti-hunger.

Yeah, I need to sleep. I wish I knew what is planned for tomorrow. If there are plans for tomorrow. I expect I will find out approximately two minutes before I need to leave. This is, of course, preferable to finding out half an hour after I need to leave, a possibility that I'm not discounting. Joanna no like the tentative plans. But Joanna very bad at making the definite plans, so she should just shut up.

I always type "half and hour", and then have to go back to correct it. I should just stick to "thirty minutes" or possibly pick a different length of time, considering that it's a totally irrelevant figure.

What does it mean when the main activity of the day is summed up in two sentences in a journal entry, and the rest of the thing is just pointless digessions? Oh, wait, that's par for the course. Never mind.

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