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Tucson(five): Snakebridge, Sunburn, Speaking disrespectfully of sin.

Zounds. I am- all of a sudden, out of the blue, unexpectedly- really freaking hungry. Inconveniently so, considering that it is nearly two hours before my lunch time. I shall just have to try to distract myself until then. Seems as good a time as any to move on to:

Wednesday July 9, 2003

Laura and I woke up unhungry. We got up and dressed and both completely forgot about the importance of sunblock when one is planning to spend some time out in the Tucson sun. So we left the house, each carrying with us a plum. Mine was good, Laura's less so. We headed for the snakebridge.

It is at this point that illustrations would be helpful, because if you haven't seen the snakebridge, this means little to you. However, I am at work and my pictures and scanner are at home, so you'll have to wait until later for photographic evidence. Suffice to say that within walking distance of Laura's house, there is a bridge that is a snake. It crosses a highway, and it's pretty cool, and Laura had never crossed it, so we decided to do so. We started out at the rattle-tail, and ended up walking out through the mouth, between the fangs. We were (perhaps overly) excited to learn that the snake has a tongue, shown with differently-colored concrete in the path.

Down a little hill by the snake's head, we found a playground. We played for a little while, but it was just too hot. I really wanted to climb on top of the monkey bars, but decided that I like my legs too much to want them burned off. We headed back to the house, realizing belatedly the importance of NEVER FORGETTING THE SUNBLOCK. Because sunburn isn't fun, and neither is a tan line that indicates to all exactly where on your shoulder your purse strap sits. I've had watch tans before, and sandal tans, but never before a purse tan. Weird.

We sat around the house for a little while, trying to cool off, because we were a couple of sweaty sweatgirls. We didn't get to stay long, though, because we had to go to the movie theatre to meet Brian for Pirates of the Caribbean. So we left again. After some confusion about where we were meeting, we finally found Brian inside the theatre, where he had saved us some excellent seats. He officially bought my friendship with six CDs of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio show, which means that I am now contractually obligated to refer to him as My Friend Brian In Tucson.

After the movie (which was great fun, and which My Friend Brian In Tucson declared [many, many times] to be "The Best Movie Ever!!"), Laura and I went back to the house briefly before leaving again, this time I think to the video store, to rent two movies that we were destined never to watch.

After that we returned to the house for an even briefer (more brief?) time before leaving to go to a Mexican restaraunt with Mariah and MFBrianIT. While there, three of us drank margaritas (mine regular, Laura's and Mariah's strawberry), and we all told really really bad jokes. Food was thrilling, because I was still running on only the plum from the morning, while Laura had eaten only half of hers. We were in dire need of sustenance. Yay food! (This is pretty much how I'm feeling right now, as well.)

Following dinner, Mariah showed the rest of us to the shrine next to the restaraunt, which is (I think I'm remembering this correctly) the only shrine in America that is dedicated to a sinner buried in unconsecrated ground. We all walked back to Laura's place, where we made fun of the Presidential hopeful that Laura and I had met the night before. It was cruel, but necessary.

Once Mariah left us, needing her sleep in order to function at work the next day, the remaining three decided to go see the snakebridge at night. So we did. We spent quite a while hanging around the plaza-type area at the snake's mouth, and MFBrianIT told us to first two chapters of The 13 Clocks. We then ventured down the hill to the playground (this time, because it was dark, we naturally walked down the dangerous rock-covered way, rather than taking the smooth path). I managed to climb on top of the monkeybars now that the sun was down, and said something along the lines of "Now, the scary part is going to be getting back down", at which point MFBrianIT pulled himself up part way and whispered "No, the scary part is that there's a guy sleeping about five feet away!" We fetched Laura from the swings, and snuck away.

We then wandered the streets until the wee hours of the morning. We saw the house where Laura used to live, bought some refreshing beverages at the Circle K, and got a private tour of the University Campus- including uncomfortable chairs, a circular plot of grass, and a bouncy bridge (not in that order). I still believe that the best way to appreciate a college campus is to explore it in the middle of the night when no one else is around. It's very cool.

Bedtime rolled around just as the sun started coming up.

There. A long entry for a long day. I'm down to one hour until lunch. I think I'll spend that hour with the faculty of Unseen University.

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