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"Seems so long I've been waiting, still don't know what for."


I seems that after this week, I will no longer be sitting at this desk. Meaning that I will return to my real job, and no longer be filling in in this department. (I've been "filling in" for nearly three months now.) I'll be glad to get back to a position where I'm actually working, and where I get to see the other people in the building, and where I don't have to sit in this little grey cubicle. However, I am less enthusiastic about the end to my virtually unlimited internet time while I'm at work. I can access the internet from my desk at the front, but I feel that it's probably not a good idea when there's the ever-present possibility of a Senior Vice President walking by and looking over my shoulder. You see how it goes.

I'm having a sigh-y kind of week. No reason. Just sighing. And wishing I was somewhere else. Nowhere in particular, just not here. I keep having daydreams about turning in my letter of resignation. That's not something that I will be doing today, but it sure is a pleasant little dream.

I'll continue my Tucson narrative tomorrow. Not in the right frame of mind today.

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