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Subject? Direct Object. Verb!

I went to see Serendipity with Rohini last night. I enjoyed it immensely. Quite entertaining. In addition to the movie, we saw a preview for the (very very soon) upcoming Harry Potter movie, which had me enthralled, despite the fact that I've seen that particular trailer about a thousand times online already. I'd never seen it big before! Besides, as you most likely know, I'm a Harry Potter geek, so it's only to be expected.

The last two days have been spent cleaning the house, because my mother has finally taken action against my sitting around the house all day. She's started making chore lists for me, as she used to do when Erica and I were home for summer vacations. What fun!

But this weekend . . . believe it or not . . . I will actually be flying! Yes! All weekend! Doing my job- what a concept.

That's enough for now.

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