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Tucson.3: DMV, Antigone, Wasabi Pea, Party for Me

Okay, first of all, here's:

Monday July 7, 2003

The morning started earlier for Laura than for me, because she had to be at traffic court at 8:00am. I stayed in bed, but did help her prepare by agreeing that her wardrobe choices were appropriate. She then walked away, not sure whether she would be back before 5:00pm, as the letter that she received suggested that she might have to wait most of the day. I went back to sleep, only to be awakened at 8:30 when the phone rang. It was Laura, telling me that she was done and was coming back. Turns out that "court" is more like the DMV than like . . . you know, one of those lawyer shows. I'll let you pick your own reference.

So Laura came home and I got up and around and we walked over to 4th street. We visited Antigone Books, where I made Laura read The Paper Bag Princess (it didn't take very long). And then I got a present! Laura bought me a recycled-paper journal with an illustration from Alice in Wonderland on it. I like it very much, and am therefore afraid to write in it.

We bought a couple of huge wrap sandwiches for lunch, and I drank about a gallon of lemonade. We went into a little southwesterny store, where I selected a pair of silver and tuquoise earrings for my mom. We looked for and failed to find a place that does henna tattoos. But this did not really surprise us. It was just a whim. We then, hot and sweaty and hot and hot, walked back to Laura's house to lay on the floor in the path of the fan and recover before shopping for the JoannaParty.

Once we felt human again, we set out, this time in the car. We went to Bookman's- a huge used book store. They had no board games or videos that we needed, which is probably just as well. Also, I did not find the little book of John Donne's sonnets that I know probably exists somewhere outside of my mind. I did find a neat little volume of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetry, but eventually decided that I didn't need it.

We then moved on to Wild Oats for party munchies. I bought a bottle of the wine with the kangaroo on the label (Yellow Tail), because I recognized it. We searched for, and became very excited upon finding, containers of wasabi peas. Good stuff.

The JoannaParty was great fun. I met new people, and was reintroduced to some folks I had met briefly before. I drank probably a bottle and a half of wine by myself, spilling it on myself twice, resulting in two wardrobe changes over the course of the night. I collaberated on an exquisite corpse with Mariah and Laura (I drew the torso), which I would like to show you, but am unable because it is hanging in Laura's house. I witnessed the effects of bits of lime popsicle (rather than actual slices of lime) on bottles of Corona. (The result seemed mainly to be that Mariah ended up with beer in her hair.) I sang along with They Might Be Giants. I witnessed some way cool yo-yo tricks, geeked about Hitchhiker's Guide, and sang a bit of the "Share and Enjoy" song. Once almost all of the guests left, I reclined on the bed for a moment, and ended up sleeping the night through wearing the same clothes I'd been wearing after the second shirt-change, and leaving all the lights on. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hmm. Looks like day four is the last day that I took notes, so after the next entry, they're probably going to get far less detailed.

I'm glad today is Friday. It's not as if I have big plans for the weekend, but it does mean that I may be able to sleep until I'm not tired anymore, which sounds darn good to me. Also, I will finally be able to get to my bank while it's open, and take care of that paycheck that arrived while I was out of town. It will be good to have some money. Oh! And! I'll finally be able to get my pictures developed. I really hope that the ostrich ones turned out well. And, of course, all of them.

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