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There is, no space in (gold).

Briefly last night I thought that it was Thursday. I was wrong, of course. That's always a blow, finding out that the weekend is more distant than you'd thought.

On the other hand, it doesn't seem like I could possibly have left Tucson all of 5 days ago! I guess that my perception of time is screwy.

Anyway, a day at work is a day at work, so rather than write about that, I shall just move straight on to:

Sunday July 6, 2003

Considering that we went to bed as the sun was rising, I think that getting up at 12:30 is pretty good. Which is precisely what we did. Woke up at 12:30pm, and walked over to Cafe Q, where I ate a breakfast sandwich and drank a gi-huge-ic iced coffee. And made a mess all over the table. (Not that this is unusual. You should have seen the table in the dining hall when I had visited the salad bar.) Laura had to go to work at 2:00, so I stayed at the house, writing and reading and listening to music and falling asleep on the floor and letting my hair do its funky air-drying thing after my shower.

Eventually, I headed over to Mariah's place, where I helped her to rearrange her furniture. As she was sorting through various of her belongings, determining what to keep and what to give away and what to discard, I put several decks of playing cards in order. This is something I do if my hands are not otherwise occupied and there is a deck of card in reach. It has the added benefit of determining whether the decks are missing any cards. I know that you're terribly interested.

After the rearranging and some cleaning and giving away a desk, Mariah and I went to Brooklyn (a pizza place). While waiting for our calzones, we read the classifieds in the Tuscon Weekly and attempted a wicked crossword. The calzones, when they arrived, were huge. We were each only able to eat a half, which meant that plentiful leftovers traveled home with us. Mine (pepperoni and black olives) went into the fridge to eat at a later time when Laura was away during dinner.

After dinner, I hung around the house some more, until Laura came back a little after 10:00. Then there was more hanging around the house, but this time with Laura! Also, she called a bunch of folks to invite them to the JoannaParty scheduled for Monday. Eventually, bed.

A quiet day. But pleasant. Part of what vacation is all about.

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