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this year of blankets

So by the time I finally get around to typing up my Arizona experiences, no one will be the least bit interested. Well, except for me, of course. And Laura. And possibly Mariah. You know, the people who already know what went on.

I'll say that I'm waiting until I get my pictures developed, so I can have illustrations. Yes! That's it! Arizona summary coming soon, once I manage to get myself to Ritz Photo.

Tonight, however, I'm going out to dinner after work. Woo. I am indeed a social butterfly. I just hope I don't fall asleep with my face in my plate. I'm not having the most alert of days.

I changed the desktop image on my work PC (in the cubicle in the back, not at the front desk) to a wallpaper from the Pirates of the Carribean (papaya pirates?) website. No, not the one with just Orlando Bloom, thankyouverymuch. The one with the poster image on it. It brings me joy. When I visit Rohini in October, we shall go to Disneyland, and there will be further joy.

Of course, I am hoping for joy of other sorts between now and then. See what you can do about that, okay?

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