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Kudzu George Hamster-Hamster Smith, that's his name, woo!

I can't decide if my hamster is crazy, lazy, or just damn smart.

See, it used to happen that I would put food in his bowl, he would come out, stuff his cheeks full of seeds 'n stuff, and go hide the seeds somewhere in his bedding. Now, he just buries his food bowl every day. Shovels the bedding right on top of the bowl.

Weirdo Kudzu.

Also, he's a stinky stinkhamster who stinks. But that's my fault. I'll be cleaning out his cage tomorrow, so that Erica need not suffer when she feeds him while I am on vacation. Also, of course, so that Kudzu can have a healthy and happy hamster home.

I'm still incredibly tired. What would you suggest I do about that?

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