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I stubbed my toe. On the heel of the other foot. It bent the nail back far enough to make it bleed. My foot is bleeding because I stubbed it ON MY FOOT!

I think that this is an apt illustration of what it means to be Joanna.

I've decided what to do with my shirts. One will have a Ravenclaw crest on the front. The other will say "WiZzaRd" on the front and have a logo for Unseen University on the back. I will have these finished by this evening. They will be my magic shirts.

It's been a good Sunday. Woke up early this morning to go out for breakfast with the family. We went to Bob Evans and ate way too much food. And between the four of us, we had 9 drinking vessels on the table at once. Four coffees, four waters, one orange juice. This afternoon I helped my mother with some gardening, which meant that I have done something productive today and don't feel bad about the fact that mostly I've been reading, listening to music, and playing around on the computer deciding how to do my shirts.

Oh yes, and I also made up a batch of margaritas. They turned out to be heavier on the tequila than i had intended, but we ran out of lime juice, so I couldn't add more. Eh, doesn't matter. They're good. And strong. Woo. Definitely strong.

I don't think I knew that I had this song on my computer. I certainly haven't listened to it in an age and a half.

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