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over and overture

Saturday. Afternoon? Early evening? I'm never quite sure how to categorize 5:30pm. I guess it doesn't really matter.

I had a productive morning of bank and library and mall. I bought three tops on sale for use as summertime play clothes. I think I want to decorate two of them with the iron-on paper that I used to make my Blue's Clues shirt and my Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy shirt, but I'm not sure what exactly I want to put on them. I'm sure something will come to me eventually. And that it will turn out to make sense to me and Erica only.

After the productive morning, I came home and have done essentially nothing. Sat in the hammock in the sun for a little while, reading a book. Played The Sims, but not for very long. Exchanged a few sentences with Gabe over AIM. Stared aimlessly into space. All in all, it feels like a Saturday. Appropriately.

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