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I have a dream where snowflakes fall inside a painted hall . . . but that don't pay the rent!

I tell good stories.

This one's for Gabe:

OK, so this one time, right? I was at a restaraunt . . . a noodle restaraunt! With two of my friends? And both of my friends were finished eating! And my plate was still like half full! So I was sitting there, still eating, and my friends were making fun of me for eating slowly, and so I! Ate slower! . . . And then I got a box and took the rest of my food home with me to eat for lunch the next day at work.

The End.

Well, I'm glad I got that out of my system. Actually, that probably has a better narrative than any of the other "stories" that I told last night. At least something happens in it, even if it's not something interesting.

I had a good night last night, what with Gabe and Rohini and noodles and brains! and being four inches higher than the other half of the restaraunt and parking-lot digressions and Erica and Ellicott City and the Laura tour of the Historic District and more brains! and benches and giving really vague and unhelpful directions to the Phoenix Emporium and . . . well, other stuff too. But I think that I left my ring on the counter in Rohini's bathroom. At least, I hope I did, because otherwise I don't know where to look for it.

So now, because I'm not used to going out on weeknights, I'm a tired sleepygirl who doesn't want to be at work. I guess this doesn't seem like much of a change from the norm for those of you who have . . . ever spoken to me or read this journal at all. But you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that I am now sleepier than usual and I want to be here even less than on a normal day. I keep reminding myself that in one week, it will be my last day of work before vacation. This is an extremely helpful thing to remember. Ten days of NO WORK AT ALL.

Not that I'm excited about that, or anything.

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