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Leave off the last S- That's the S for "Savings"! - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About Leave off the last S- That's the S for "Savings"!

Previous Entry Leave off the last S- That's the S for "Savings"! Jun. 23rd, 2003 @ 11:01 am Next Entry
Happy Monday, all. I'm sitting at work and I've got this gi-huge-ic pile of data entry to do, so naturally I'm doing the livejournal thing. I think I'll go with the day-by-day recap formula, simply because it takes a long time to write.

Company cookout at work. Lots and lots and lots and lots of free food, nearly as much noise, and prizes! Because we now live in a freakin' rainforest (more of a rainsuburb, I suppose) it was, naturally, pouring. There was a big open-sided tent set up in front, where the bigwigs grilled up hot dogs and hamburgers and cheeseburgers and turkey burgers and garden burgers. EVERYTHING else was set up in the front lobby. I got a temporary reprieve from my temporary assignment, and got to work at my real desk in the lobby, to help out with cookout-type things. This meant that the extreme levels of noise from the revelers prevented me from actually being able to hear the telephone- a problem when you're a receptionist. Mostly, though, it was a good time. I got a free lunch and the softest-ever teddy bear, and I was allowed to wear jeans.

Did anything else happen on Friday? Hmmm . . . well, there was the minor matter of going to Barnes & Noble rather late at night . . .

Harry Potter day. I managed to finish it in the late afternoon/early evening. And I was drained. Everyone else has been writing little essays, listing the parts they liked and didn't like, analyzing symbolism and foreshadowing. I've enjoyed reading them, but I'm not going to do that right now. I'll tell you that I did really like the book. But I'm having a hard time putting my reactions into words. I'm sure it's no big loss to you.

Standard lazy/boring day. We, as a family, did go through a big pile of boxes in the basement and agree to throw or give away most of it. Stuff from when Erica and I lived on campus, mainly, but also some random junk from our childhoods that was saved for no apparent reason. Perhaps later I will share with you the short story project on which I received an "A" in the sixth grade. It's true literary masterwork.

Well, that was a lot of work for a rather dull journal entry. You're just lucky I didn't go into raptures about the egg-crate pad that I finally found and put on my mattress. Now, that's good sleeping.

Alas. I suppose I ought to be doing the work for which I am paid. Just you wait until I get a job as a professional internet surfer/pizza eater/book reader/television watcher. You will be overwhelmed by my work ethic!
I feel: boredbored
I am listening to: no music . . . but I smell pizza! (not for me, alas.)
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