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Indiana Joanna

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Board dumb.

I am bored. Bored and hungry. Bored and hungry and ready to leave. But it's still two hours before my lunch break, so I don't get to go home any time soon.


Actually, it's one hour and 52 minutes before my lunch break. And that makes all the difference in the world.

But the facts remain- I am bored and hungry, and boredom and hunger do not make for very interesting journal entries. Sorry about that. Why don't you come over here and feed and entertain me? Never mind that you don't know where I am and that you wouldn't be allowed to come into this part of the building anyway. Come! Feed me! Entertain me! You know you want to.

What I need is one of those rainy-day activity packs. With coloring books and crayons and crossword puzzles and other things that don't begin with "C". But not board games, because there's no one here to play with. Instead of board games, it could come with pizza. And The Sims. Yeah.

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