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"We are all verses out of rhythm, couplets out of rhyme, in syncopated time."

We're getting some pretty impressive thunder right now. It's not dark enough yet for the lightning to be anything much, but the thunder is pretty much one long continuous rumble, and it's darn cool.

And now the rain has arrived.

I think I'll stay home tonight. Stay in and drink tea and watch a Jane Austen movie with my mom. Or play The Sims. Or make user icons that I'll never use. I've got quite a collection of those already.

I was reading a lot of fairy tales yesterday at work, on some website. I decided that I don't want to live a fairy tale life, because in those stories, the older sister is almost always ugly, stupid, and cruel, and doomed to a life of despair, solitude and misery once the younger sister has married the handsome young prince (quite possibly the youngest of three brothers, but the heir to the throne because the two elder ones died on account of being stupid and/or evil). Not that I don't wish Erica all the happily-ever-after possible. But I sure would like to know that two sisters can both be attractive and intelligent and happy.

I guess it's a good thing that I live in the real world. I don't need to worry about things like ogres and evil witchy stepmothers and curses and quests and enchantments that turn attractive and good people into beasts until they can get some random stranger to complete some absurd task.

Also, in these stories, people get married for the stupidest reasons. Why, that knight has the shiniest armor and the strongest horse, I will marry him! I've never seen this girl before, but she is able to pick apples from a tree that the other girls can not, I will marry her! That lad answered the riddle and brought me a silver goblet given to him by a toad; he shall have my daughter's hand! Because it's not necessary to speak to someone before deciding that you will spend the rest of your life with him. Not if you are royalty, anyway.

I should stop thinking about this. I like fairy tales. I shouldn't try to believe them. OK. I'm done.

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