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the sun is a mass of incandescant gas

I need to go to bed, but it is really freakin' hot in my room. Bed time is the one time at which I would prefer a cooler temperature to a warmer one, because I like to sleep under a huge pile of blankets, pulled all the way up to my nose. That's not so much going to happen tonight. So I've opened my window and turned off the lights and turned on the fan, and will sit here for a little while- hoping to cool down a little.

We had a glorious display of thunder and lightning earlier tonight. (Can it really be a "display" of thunder? I guess not.) We had a glorious . . . example? round? . . . eh, I don't know. We had some great thunder and lightning earlier tonight. The power went out, but only for a couple of seconds. I'm glad it came back on, because it meant that I was able to see Alan Cumming dance ballet. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion is, as it turns out, an odd odd movie, but totally worth it just for a single scene. Thanks, ABC Family Channel!

There's a tiny wing-ed bug bouncing against my computer moniter, drawn- I suppose- to the only light source in the room. Poor guy. I can't bring myself to squish him, so he will just continue his ill-fated attempt to escape my room by way of the information superhighway. I just don't think that Microsoft Windows is the kind of window that he needs right now.

I'm going to Tucson in July. I am happy!

I suppose I should try to sleep now. After I update my movie and book things on my user info page. Yes. Sounds like a plan.

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