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"I don't have any reasons. I've left them all behind."

It's been a weird, disconnected sort of day for Joanna. I've been not all here for most of the day, getting distracted and vague. I've been bored, but not in the mood for actually doing anything. It was the sort of day in which I would like to be a pet cat. I could nap on the floor all day while someone strokes my head and be perfectly content.

Erica could tell that I was a little off by the fact that when she asked if I felt like going to Borders I said "No, I'm not in a bookstore kind of mood." Practically blasphemous!

But it's back to work tomorrow. Tuesday will be my one-year anniversary with the company. You should all come to the office and take me out to lunch in celebration. Or you can choose your own personal way to celebrate me. Allison once asked people to write journal entries all about her. You could do that instead, if you are unable to feed me. Write journal entries about Allison. Um . . . I mean me. Yes.

Or maybe not.

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