Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


I don't know which of the Powers That Be decided that it would be a good idea for Maryland to have a monsoon season, but I wish that someone had persuaded them against it. It would be a lot less depressing around here if it was possible to have more than one sunny day in a week. I honestly feel that I would be more capable of . . . I don't know, cheer? . . . if I could have the occasional break in the clouds.

And a massage. Yeah. Sunny days and shoulder massages, that's all I'm asking. Is that too much?

Heh. Anyway. I'm suddenly hungry. Which is strange, as I've not been hungry this late in some time. Thing is, I'm craving some serious food of the sort that would take actual preparation, and I know that I'd no longer be in the mood for the meal once I'd taken the trouble of actually cooking. Such is life.

This afternoon I really wanted to go hiking. That didn't happen, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone in the Mid-Atlantic states, or, for that matter, to anyone who has read the first paragraph of this very journal entry. I compromised by sitting on my butt all day in front of various screens- television with the playstation, computer moniter, television with DVDs, television with crappy saturday-afternoon programming. Very exciting. That last observation was sarcastic.

In case you needed to be told.

So, Joanna, you say, is life really just drab, depressing and awful? Naw. Life is good.

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