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the things one wonders when reading The Hobbit during a boring day at work

If I was outside all day in the blazing direct sunlight . . . but I was wearing a ring of invisibility, would I have to worry about sunburn? Because, presumably, the light would just be passing right through me.

I say a ring because I've already decided that an invisibility cloak would serve both to hide me and to protect me from dangerous UV rays.

Although I still haven't had my primary question about invisibility cloaks answered satisfactorily. Do they only work for humans? Or if I took it off and threw it in a corner where my cat happened to be sleeping, would the cat (and the cloak) both disappear? Could I wrap Christmas presents in the cloak and thus keep them better hidden than if they were in a bag in my closet or under my bed?

So many questions . . .

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