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Red is grey, and yellow, white- but you decide which is right. And which . . . is an illusion.

I. Am. Extremely. Tired.

There is a reason for this. Instead of being a good girl and staying home last night and getting to bed at a normal time, I went down to Dave and Phil's place for dinner. And, man, did we have dinner! It was a multi-course meal. And it was good. I ended up staying much later than I really should have. But I got to hang out with friends, which is something that happens far too rarely of late, so I really ought not to complain.

Erica thinks she's all cool with her Svanda and her Graav, but just wait until she sees the might that will be the teamwork of Wedge and Ropp, once they have reached their astronomical potential! "Graav? More like Suck!"

It's OK if you don't understand that last bit. In fact, it's probably for the best.

In watching the preview for the upcoming movie Alex and Emma, I realized that it looks for all the world like a remake of Paris, When It Sizzles. It occurs to me to wonder why. It wasn't really a very good movie to begin with. Cute, yes. But silly. Of course, I suppose that if you are going to remake a movie, it should be one that needs improvement, rather than one that they got completely right the first time around. But when you consider that the first time around involved Audrey Hepburn and William Holden (not to mention Tony Curtis in the stand-out role of 2nd policeman), it begs the question- it this a movie that can be good?

Oh! I've got actual work to do! Guess I'd better do that!

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