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scattered: three items of indeterminate interest - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About scattered: three items of indeterminate interest

Previous Entry scattered: three items of indeterminate interest May. 29th, 2003 @ 11:00 pm Next Entry
Today I mentally composed a first draft of an essay tentatively titled "Groucho Marx Has Got Nothing On Me, or: Where's James Spader When You Need Him?". As it's unlikely that said essay will ever actually be written, I'll just allow the title to puzzle you. Are you puzzled?
* * * *

This evening I spent a significant amount of time playing Final Fantasy X, a game which I've already completed once (after taking my sweet time about it, purposely putting off the end until I'd played well over 120 hours worth). Why I do this sort of thing instead of putting my time to some productive use or, say, socializing, is something that may never be understood.
* * * *

I miss living on a college campus within yelling distance of all of my friends. Sometimes I just miss it a little bit, but sometimes I miss it a great deal. This afternoon fit into the latter category.
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Date:May 30th, 2003 12:17 am (UTC)
u know what... when final fantasy chronicles comes out you should come over so we can play it together... it's the first multiplayer (co-op) final fantasy game ever. It involves buckets that carry a protective liquid in them or something, and one person needs to maintain the safety of the bucket while everybody else fights or you can get hurt by the enemies. Magic Protection Buckets. I know that sounds like I made it up, but remember: this is JAPANESE. Anything's possible, ever seen Hamtaro?

Except of course, this isn't about a magical talking hamster and his talking hamster friends, this is Final-freaking-Fantasy here. I mean these guys made like, Final Fantasy I, and then II, and then some more... and then V was in there too, and some more stuff somewhere... anyways, this is the only video game series that's had more iterations than Police Academy AND Rocky combined has, so hey, that's saying something, right?

So, yes. FF Chronicles. You and me. R0x0r teh G4m3.
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