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Today I mentally composed a first draft of an essay tentatively titled "Groucho Marx Has Got Nothing On Me, or: Where's James Spader When You Need Him?". As it's unlikely that said essay will ever actually be written, I'll just allow the title to puzzle you. Are you puzzled?
* * * *

This evening I spent a significant amount of time playing Final Fantasy X, a game which I've already completed once (after taking my sweet time about it, purposely putting off the end until I'd played well over 120 hours worth). Why I do this sort of thing instead of putting my time to some productive use or, say, socializing, is something that may never be understood.
* * * *

I miss living on a college campus within yelling distance of all of my friends. Sometimes I just miss it a little bit, but sometimes I miss it a great deal. This afternoon fit into the latter category.

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