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Kick off your Sunday shoes.

Hi there! Remember me? My internet access has been limited for the past week- I've not been sleeping in my own room, and the computer at work wasn't allowing me to update. I tried three times to post that BBC book thing, but it just wouldn't take. I've given up and am not going to go through that again. I'll just say that I ended up with 41 books read, and several partials.

Anyway, now the grandparents have moved on- father's mother to Indiana for her 61st high school reunion, mother's parents driving back toward Texas in their minivan. The house is quieter and larger, and a little bit less interesting. But I'm able to get more sleep.

While all three of my grandparents were here, my dad's mother had to sleep in my room, and I had to sleep on the pull-out sofa in the family room. It turns out that this bed is both larger and more comfortable than my own, but there are drawbacks. Drawback the first: there is no way to sleep later than the first person in the house to want breakfast. Drawback the second: the cat. is very loud. very early in the morning. It's much easier to ignore from behind a closed door at the end of the hall on the top floor. Prepositional phrases! They're fun!

Aside from the pleasure of having my own room (and my own computer with internet access) back, it's sad to see them go. I don't get to see my extended family nearly as much as I'd like.

Hmm. Graduation was Thursday. It was an adventure. I was glad that I was not the one driving the streets of Baltimore. It was a mess. And afterwards, the crazy traffic situation was only increased by the massive sea of people surging around outside the Arena. Thank goodness for cell phones, or we might well never have reunited with Erica. You should all congratulate her, by the way, if you haven't done so already. She actually made it through without being defeated by the school. A triumph indeed.

I made her a present, but I can't show it to you right now, because comcast seems to be acting up and won't allow me to load the thing onto my web space.

Aside from the family-thing and the graduation-thing, there's not much to say about my week-long absence. It's been raining for about forever. I dimly remember a time when it didn't rain. There was something called "a drought", I believe. But that's barely a memory, farther in the past than that elusive entity known as "the Sun". It may be myth, I'm no longer sure. I'm thinking that Maryland has become a rainforest zone, but without the benefits of beautiful jungle and exotic wildlife, and . . . oh yeah, warmth.

Oh well. I must remain faithful that the rain will stop, the clouds will lift, and light and heat will one day return to this forgotten land.

At least the lawn is lush and green.

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