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I'm Alfred Nobel! And I'm evil now! And there's nothing you can do about it!

The coolest thing ever. Really.

Those of you who spent time with me in my senior year at UMBC know that I spent much of my time stressed out. One of the reasons for this stress was a class I took- both semesters- in which we were writing entries for an Encyclopedia of American History, specifically the volume about the Depression and World War II, that was being edited by one of my History professors. I wrote 9 entries for this publication, graduated from the school, and didn't hear anything about it since. So yesterday when I went to school to help Erica move some stuff out of her apartment, I went over to the library to check out the reference section. AND THERE WAS THE BOOK! With my name in print after the articles I wrote! Some of my undergraduate work has been published and I get credit for it in the pages of the book and it is just. so. cool.

I borrowed Erica's copier card and copied one of the entries to take home with me and show off and I positively skipped back the the car. Erica was there, she'll back me up. Knowing something like that is going to happen is nowhere near as exciting as when it actually does happen.

Hee. Whee!

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