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I'm not a hero, I'm not a saviour, forget what you know.

So there's no telling when the manager of this department is going to hire someone to take over this position that I'm temporarily filling. I'll be glad when she does, because I'll get to go back to my desk, where I at least see people from time to time, instead of the walls of this little cubicle. I will, however, miss the internet. Being able to get online while back here is one of the few good points about this little interlude, and the main thing preventing me from going mad.

I'd probably be updating this journal all day if I could think of anything worth communicating.

Sometimes when I'm sitting back here, I think that I ought to be doing something productive- if not something required for work, then something for myself. Like writing a story or sketching or something of that nature. But I lack inspiration, alas. I seldom undertake a project like that without a fully-realized idea of the completed product already existing in my head. So I sit back here and I reload my friends page over and over again and . . . I become less and less interesting. Are you still reading this? Sorry.

I covet the PDA that my dad bought for my mom for Mother's Day. This one. I know I don't need one, and I didn't think that I wanted one. But I was wrong. It's just too cool. Yes, I suffer from gadget-lust.

Uh. That just sounds weird. I think I'll just finish this up with a list of today's pending Good Things:

1. Grandma!
2. The West Wing season finale!


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