Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Aw. Nobody sent me any text messages. Sigh.

(I originally typed "text massages". I don't know how that would work.)

I just made a blender full of strawberry margeritas. I think they turned out very well, aside from the fact that the crushed ice all melted, so they are really watery. But they're plenty strong. I started out by following the recipe in our Complete Bartender's Guide, but the melty ice made that really weak, so my dad and I just opened up the bottles and poured in more liquor until it tasted right.

And now I'm almost done my second glass on an empty stomach.

The sentence that I originally typed in here made absolutely no sense, so I'm going to go set the table for dinner.

Yes. That's a very good idea.

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