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give me liberty . . . or a bran muffin

Well, don't get used to this . . . I'm updating from work!

I don't think I'll get in trouble- I'm working back in a different department for a little while until they replace a girl who just left, and no one from the outside world will ever see me in this claustrophobic little cubicle. And there's nothing for me to do back here if the phone's not ringing except read a book or play around on the internet. And the phone's not ringing. Maybe every ten or fifteen minutes.

Not that I have anything to write about.

I spent this weekend attempting to clean my room. I cleared out a bunch of clothes that I never wear and a great deal of junk from my bookshelves. But there's much more junk where that came from, and in other places as well. I'll certainly not be finished before my grandma comes to visit, which was my original goal. Laughable, really, now that I think about it. Alas.

I want to go to the movies. I want to have some pizza. I wonder if these are two desires that can be satisfied in one go. Erica? Any thoughts?

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