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I wish I was the sort of person who could say "You mess with my little sister, you mess with me! So watch your back, UMBC, 'cause I'm coming for YOU!"

But instead I'm resorted to stomping around for awhile and glaring at computer screens.

This would be different in a fictional world. My band of intrepid heroes with interesting abilities and I (also intrepid and interestingly-abilitied) would discover that stupid-advisor-lady is actually an evil mastermind in disguise . . . with plans to take over the world ONE DISCOURAGED STUDENT AT A TIME! We would defeat her in a thrilling battle, expose her evilness to the world, and not only would the school apologize to Erica and let her graduate, but they would give us a hefty reward, thus paying for our luxurious and technologically advanced secret hideaway.

Yeah. That's exactly how it would work.

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