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The words I'm saying now mean nothing more than "Meow" to an animal.

"Um . . . Joanna? You've been MIA for more than a week! What gives?"

I've got no excuse aside from laziness. Sorry.

We'll start with the sad news: Ivan Denisofish is no more. When I walked in the door this evening after work, my dad greeted me by saying "Before you put down your stuff, maybe you can shed some light on the mystery . . . of Ivan Denisofish." I went over to his tank, and- sure enough- he was nowhere to be seen. It's a very small tank, so we were all terribly confused. I suspected for awhile that he had somehow dissolved. But as I started to clean out the tank, I found his sad little body nestled among the rocks at the bottom. I gave him the proper pet-fish burial-at-sea (read: I flushed him down the toilet.) He was a good little fish, and he lived with us for a long time, despite the fact that he was alone in the tank for several months (the sign in the pet store said that as a schooling fish, the zebra danio would die quickly if not accompanied by at least two others of his own kind). He looked kind of like this:

(But that's not really him.) Rest in Peace, Ivan Denisofish.

On a different note, tomorrow is apparently Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day (formerly known as Secretary's Day). So be nice to your local Receptionist or other Administrative Assistant. They could use it. Of course, presents are always gratefully accepted. I've already been given some Bath & BodyWorks lotion and shower gel (Cotton Blossom) from one department head, but I can always use more. Or flowers are nice. Or plane tickets! Or you can make it easy on yourself and just send money. How about tens and twenties?

Um. Let's see . . . remembrance of a dead fish . . . check. Greed . . . check. Sound like a complete journal entry to me.

See ya.

I've got a watch with a minute hand, a millenium hand, and an eon hand.

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