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In brief

Today I have been coldy coldgirl who's cold. Complete with slippers, sweatshirt, and wool hat (fedora, really). Still cold.

What's up with the snow? It's spring! Honest!

When I was helping Erica return her belongings to campus today, we encountered a lone orange sitting in a parking space in the staff lot behind the Hillcrest building. I contemplated for a time on whether the pleasure of kicking said orange across the parking lot would be worth losing the sight of the orange in its incongruous setting. Then, however, Erica commented that the orange reminded her of Jessica. Naturally, that made the decision much easier. I couldn't bring myself to kick Jessica across the lot. So the orange sits there still. Unless, of course, some more cruel soul comes along and takes care of the kicking for me. Or eats the orange.

I just had a moment of Daylight-savings panic. But a little bit of quick research revealed that I don't need to worry about it until next week. If I find that the internet lied to me, and I show up at work an hour late tomorrow, I shall be quite put out.

Hmm. This is becoming less brief than I had forseen.

One last thing. In Catch Me If You Can, Christopher Walken plays the father of Leonardo DiCaprio. At one point, someone says to Leonardo DiCaprio's character that he is "looking more and more like (his) father every day". I found this extremely amusing.

The end.

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