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"I know a Norwegian who bought a new car . . . "

I'm worried that certain members of the species of pimples that appear on my face have adapted to my facial cleanser. Like a strain of disease that is no longer cured by the previously effective medication, these particular eruptions seem to thrive despite the best efforts of the St. Ives laboratories. The specimen currently residing on my chin is a perfect example, as would have been the one right between my eyes that lasted for what seemed like months. Is survival of the fittest being enacted on my face? Am I an example of epidermal evolution? Is this a really stupid thing to be thinking about?

Answer: A hearty "yes". (You decide which question.)

It was a stunningly beautiful day today. I took a walk on my lunch break, and got back in the door just as the first drops of rain were falling. After that, the day was less beautiful and more soggy. It got chilly and grey. Also, I had left my car window open slightly during the beautiful morning, not anticipating a change in weather, and forgot about it completely once the precipitation began. Naturally, this meant that half of my car seat was wet on my drive home. Yuck.

I guess I was lucky that only half of it was wet. I was able to sit on my sweater and avoid most of the sog.

I had a dream last night that someone at work realized that there had been a mistake and that I wasn't supposed to get a new computer at all. And so they took my computer away.

A while ago I had a dream the my friend Dave-of-no-livejournal came to visit me at work and brought a friend with him. I'd never met this girl before, but she immediately disliked me. She kept talking to me in a really condescending manner and giving me toys and telling me to "run off and play". It was bizarre.

Belated birthday greetings to livejournal-Dave-without-a-3 and the front line of the fascist restaurant regime. Also to my Grandpa. He's very cool. He's now a member of the Secret Society of Benevelent Ralphs, which did not exist until my Aunt Lois made it up, but he shares the honor with Ralphs Kramden, Fiennes (although he's a "Rafe"), Waldo Emerson, Nader, and the guy from the Alka-Seltzer commercial who said "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." My family has some strange parties.

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