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Eddie Cootchie Catchie Gammy Tosanammi Tosanammi Sammy Gammy Wacky Brown . . .

" . . . fell into the well, fell into the well, fell into the deep dark well."

Woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. It wasn't. At various times throughout the day, I thought that it was Wednesday. It still wasn't. If I wake up tomorrow to find that it is Thursday, I probably won't be surprised, but I will be upset, as I won't be at all prepared to leave for my Grandpa's 80th birthday shindig halfway across the country.

Ran into cute (engaged) pharmacy boy at the shopping center today. Work people outside of the work environment are always unexpected, although they certainly shouldn't be. I know that they exist outside of the office. I guess I just don't expect them to exist in the same universe, or the same plane of existence, or something.

While at the bookstore today, taking a break from the non-fun that was shoe-shopping, I encountered a book in which a boy with a very long name falls down a well, and it takes a long time for people to come and rescue him, because his name is so long. Hold on . . . OK, this book. Anyway, this reminded me of a song that we used to sing in Girl Scouts. They're essentially the same story, although the really long name is different, and the book has a happy ending. The song I know, on the other hand, ends with "What a shame. It took so long to say his name that Eddie Cootchie Catchy Gammy Tosanammi Tosanammi Sammy Gammy Wacky Brown . . . drowned."

In case you were concerned, I did eventually get back to my original quest and buy some shoes. At Payless. $15. Woo.

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