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Llamas are bigger than frogs.

I made up a song about clean laundry. It is sung to the tune of "Mr. Sandman". It's very exciting. I'll spare you the recitation of the words.

Today was an abso-friggin-lutely bea-friggin-utiful day. So, naturally, I did very little. I opened up all the windows I could, and I spent some time out on the deck enjoying the fresh air, but as far as accomplishing anything . . . I didn't. No shame. Well, very little shame, anyway.

Pretty soon I need to be getting my sister back to school. Speaking of Erica and school, I went with her to the UMBC play on Friday night. Laura, you ought to be sad to miss it. It's puppets! It was extremely . . . cool. Not really anything that I can describe, but a lot of fun. I only wish that the girl sitting a couple of seats away from me had been a little less vocal. It's very nice that they were able to touch her emotionally, but did she really have to say "Awwwww . . . ." every 30 seconds or so? Yes, it's sad that the man made out of newspaper is having trouble lifting the trap door, but I'm trying to pay attention to the stage, not to you. Shh.

Or maybe I'm just a heartless silence freak in group-entertainment settings. Yeah, that's probably it. But I don't get annoyed at laughter . . .

Hmm. I dunno.

My biggest accomplishment today was the discovery of 10 "The Critic" shorts on AtomFilms. I do live an exciting life.

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