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"She lost her youth and she lost her Tony- now she's lost her mind!"

Do you know all the words to "Copacabana"? I do!

Although, come to think of it, this probably ought not to be a source of pride.

So this "fade between tracks" option on WinAmp is pretty amusing, especially when my playlist is in random order. Just now, the opening little bit of narration from Beauty and the Beast ran naturally into Folk Implosions "Natural One", as if the latter just happened to be the next song on the soundtrack . . . and HA HA! It just returned to another song on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, furthering the illusion. Of course, as I'm the only one in the room, this is amusing only to me, but you'll just have to bear with me. It is my journal, after all. Beware the Fascist Livejournal Regime!

Um. Right. The weekend. The heat did get fixed fairly early in the day on Saturday. A tiny part was malfunctioning, but the repair guy had a replacement on his truck, so that by the time my mom and I got home from running errands, the house was habitable again. Went to the mall with Erica later, and later still to Copeland's (a New Orleans-type restaraunt), where I had some fantastic chicken and sausage gumbo. I was supposed to go get coffee with non-livejournal Dave, but he was running late and I was running on empty, so it was postponed.

Sunday included refraining from buying anything at Kohl's, despite having a 25% off coupon. To be fair, I must mention that my mom did buy me a shirt from the clearance rack, so that she ended up spending about $4 on me. But I spent no money of my own. Rock. Erica, you get a shirt, too!

Today was Monday. Pretty standard. Reggie was back, so I got to return to my own comfort zone. At one point, some guy called and asked me if we take credit cards. I said that I could transfer him to the billing department and they would be able to answer his questions. He said "Oh, so this isn't a place where you can use a credit card?" I said that if he wanted to ask questions about making payments, he would have to speak to the billing department. He said something else about credit cards and hung up the phone. Sometimes I just get confused.

Lastly, please remember that Foaming Pipe Snake Brownies would probably be lethal. Erica said so.

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