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tiki huts, knick knacks, and kabobs

Wednesday is over. Two more days until the work week ends.

I can't wait!

Not that it's been horrible. Yesterday and today were actually quite decent, as days at work go. I was doing something different from routine, I didn't make any glaring and awful mistakes, and the days went by quickly because I was busy. But the potential remains for those glaring and awful mistakes, so the sooner I can return to my own job in my own comfort zone, the happier I'll be.

Also, the sooner the weather stops being mean and cold and starts being LIKE IT WAS TODAY on a consistent basis, the more ecstatic I'll be. But although today was lovely, temperature-wise, tomorrow it's not supposed to get much above freezing. Bah.

I'm thinking that the life of a vagabond souvenir seller on a beachy island somewhere warm would be the life for me. At least, as of this moment. Would you buy your postcards and your conch shells and and your cheesy t-shirts and your overpriced sunblock and your cheap flimsy sandals and your plastic sunglasses and your floppy straw hats from me?

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