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I forgot that I had wanted to share a conversation I had with my mom yesterday as we were leaving the grocery store.

(I don't remember what started it. I said something. About something. Mom agreed with me.)

Mom: That's exactly what I was thinking.
Me: You read my mind!
Mom: You read my mind. I thought it first.
Me: Oh yeah? Well, you can't prove it.
Mom: I thought of it as we were coming into the store.
Me: I thought of it on our way down here.
Mom: Well, I thought of it this afternoon at work!
Me: I thought of it yesterday!
Mom: I thought of it the day before you were born- August 28, 1979!
Me: I thought of it in a previous life, three days before I died!

I'm pretty certain that that's almost exactly how it went. I just wish I could remember what exactly it was that we were talking about. I don't believe that it was anything worth taking pride in thinking.

. . . oh, wait! I remember now! I had said that we should put the grocery bags in the trunk of the car before we walked over to Target. That's all. Definitely not worth the discussion. Cool.

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