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Dee You Double Hockey Sticks

I went to work today. One of . . . maybe seven people in the eastern United States to do so, I would say.

It was extremely dull. The first two hours I was busy- answering calls from employees saying that they weren't coming to work. The remainder of the day was so quiet that you would have been able to hear the crickets chirping if they hadn't decided to stay home because of the snow.

Did I mention that it was dull?

Oh yes, and I have not been an active sort lately, so I've been sore all over thanks to the shoveling of approximately 700,000 tons of snow from our driveway yesterday.

The thing is, I love snow. I really do. I'm still a student at heart, I think, so that the appearance of snow fills some sort of yearning in my soul. No matter how much we get, I'm always sorry to see it stop. I hate driving in it, I hate shoveling it, I hate having to go to work when I am surrounded by it, I hate hate hate being cold, but I never resent the snow itself. I'm a strange person, I am.

Strange and tired.

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