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my valentine is a red plastic piggy bank from the dollar store. really. it lives on my desk.

Actual excerpt from my night:

"It's nice that you're spending Valentine's Day
with your one true love . . .
. . . the USA Network."

Or something like that, anyway. The "We now return to your cheesy teen movie for which you have an unaccountable fondness" was only implied. As was the "You lame-o". Stupid commercial.

I'm not actually bitter. It's just more fun to sound that way.

I thought that there was more for me to put here, but then I spent five minutes staring at some point midway between me and the floor, so I guess that I'm not so much in a communication mood. Or else nothing happened today worth reporting and no new thoughts entered my head. Or else my mind has put itself into a holding pattern. Or else I'm just naturally dull. Any of these are valid possibilities.

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