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I had a dream on Saturday night (more like Sunday morning, really, because I'm fairly sure that I woke up once and then fell asleep again before the dream. anyway.) that I lived on a huge spherical space station that orbited the Earth. Everyone that I know also lived on the space station. So, chances are, you were there. In this dream, it was discovered that there was a hole in the atmosphere of the Earth, and the air was leaking out. As more air flowed out, the larger the hole became, and the faster the air left. You could see the hole from the surface in the daytime, because it was a big black circle full of stars surrounded by normal blue sky, and you could see the air rushing through. So, obviously, the population of Earth was doomed. Less obviously, although it was obvious to dream-me, the space station was also doomed. At first, everyone rallied together and worked hard to find a way to close the hole and save humanity. However, despair started to settle in, and people started throwing themselves into the void of outer space rather than staying until the end and helping to find the solution. I think that some of them believed that this would in some way save them, but I didn't understand. Of course, as more and more people left, the smaller the chances of finding the answer. Eventually, everyone on the space station had jumped except for ten people, Rohini and I being among the remaining. I started seriously considering jumping as well, but eventually decided that I couldn't do it - more out of fear than out of any sense of duty or responsibility. However, when I was going to find the others, I found a note from Rohini, telling the rest of us that she had cast herself off the space station, and that it was therefore up to the remaining nine to save the Earth. She was confident in our abilites and our resourcefulness, but for some reason or other she was unable to stay. I was very upset and went to tell the others.

I don't know how it all ended, because I woke up and the dream didn't get to reach a conclusion. Yvette at work, when I was telling her about this, suggested that I did dream the end of the dream, and that this point was where the space station was destroyed and we all died. Happy thought.

So yeah, that was a creepy dream. Otherwise, my weekend was quite good. Today was less good, but I suppose that that is hardly surprising, as it was a Monday at work. Also, for some unknown reason, I was on the verge of falling asleep all day. I was barely there. My response time to questions was incredible slow, which is a bad situation for someone whose job is to answer the telephone. I have big plans for this evening, though. I plan to sit on my butt and watch TV. Woo! Now that's living.

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